Ciara and Russell Wilson

“I bet you’ll start loving me, soon as I start loving someone else. Somebody better than you.”

That around the way girl showing us how to properly do a “One, Two Step” back in the ‘00s has epically Glo’d up in every aspect of her life. Not that the Texas born, Atlanta reppin’ “Princess of the South” wasn’t fabulous back then, but the woman she is today exudes beauty & happiness from the inside out. Perhaps it’s that pure, unadulterated love that’s got her glowing.

The thing about being famous is that everyone’s eyeballs are all in your business; ESPECIALLY when it comes to your romantic relationships. People just seem to find celebrity hookups so doggone interesting and even come up with those weird mashup names to describe the famous couple. We’ve seen the infamous rapper/producer 50 Cent & Ciara together. There was rapper/actor Bow Wow a.k.a. Shad Moss and a few others here & there. Then, Atlanta rapper, Future, hit the jackpot when he landed Ciara on his arm with wedding plans to follow. Even though they made a very fly-looking pair and created an adorable kid together, there was no future for them. The relationship officially dissolved in mid-2014. Maybe Ciara had a “type”, but sometimes what we like is not what we NEED.

Fast forward to 2015 when Ciara began a friendship with Russell Wilson. They dated but took it slow. Although I know it was hard to resist a fine thang like Ciara, the couple agreed to remain celibate until they decided to marry. Russell may not have been Ciara’s usual “type” but love always wins & the Universe will bend and twist just to bring it to your doorstep. The right one will have similar values and virtues and will bring forth your best qualities. Ciara and Russell are quite the dynamic duo – visiting children with terminal illnesses as well as advocating for protection of wildlife. The couple can be seen cooking together, working out together, out & about with the kids… living their best life. Their relationship is literally like one of those fairy tales we read as a kid that started with “Once upon a time…” and ended with “…and they lived happily ever after.” It’s the kind of magic that gives a reminder that true love never fails.

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