Ledisi’s new album, The Truth can be broken down in one word (emphatically): Amazing.  Start to finish, back to front, “I Blame You” to “Can’t Help Who You Love” – totally bananas.  I’m not going to sit and pretend that I’ve been a die-hard Ledisi fan, nor will I pretend I’ve known much about her music or career prior to today.  However, I will say that she definitely gained a fan after my ears were blessed with the crazy beats, insane melodies, and veracious vocals contained within the realms of her album released this wonderful day.

If it weren’t for Instagram, I just may have missed out on this gem.  I had heard her name mentioned here and there on radio shows but I’d never really known much about her until a few months ago when a person I follow on IG posted something relating to Ledisi – from a photo shoot, I believe.  The photo’s fierce factor lured me to visit her page and there I found an immensely beautiful black woman.  Her natural vibe drew me in and I’ve been IG stalking ever since.  I’m not a lesbian, but close – if you’re hot, I’m checking for you.  Period.  She’d been updating her social media with promotional pictures and she was apparently going hard with her new image: Super svelte and sexy without compromising class; natural yet glamorous.  Now, I am astonished to know that there’s a prodigious voice behind it all.

So after all of the promotion, her album finally dropped.  And I bought it.  And. I. Got. Chills.  Real chills.  Totally groove-able, relatable, and repeat worthy.  Honestly, I was taken by surprise.  I took a chance and downloaded the whole album in this single-purchasing world simply because I wanted to support this beautiful, black, female artist.  No bootlegging here.  No skipping songs, no “blah” moments, all GOOD.  When artists are deemed “neo-soul”, sometimes their music can be a little “out there” or somewhat, well, boring, to be frank.  Contraire mon frère, The Truth is a solid, soulful, engaging album.  “I Blame You” gets the groove going with its classic R&B rhythm.  The girl said: “Gimme a mic & I’ll rock it” on “Rock With You” and she did that!  On “That Good Good” – the turn up is real!  “Lose Control” got me feeling some type of way… *ahem* your man will love that one.  “Like This” is preaching on that real relationship drama we’ve all dealt with.  She’s that ride or die chick on “Anything”.  You’ll be grooving on “The Truth” because the melody is crazy, but at the same time, the lyrics will hit you like a ton of bricks upon realization that she’s killing you softly with the ugly truth about the demise of a love you once cherished.  “Missy Doubt” will undoubtedly have you snapping your fingers and moving your body (the beat is nuts) while simultaneously giving you hope that one day someone will come along and renew your faith in love.  She’s kicked to the curb on “88 boxes” and reminiscing on what could’ve and would’ve been.  “Can’t Help Who You Love” is a mellow groove that tells all the naysayers to just DEAL with her heart’s choice.

I know good music when I hear it and this is it.  Hopefully, Ledisi will get the recognition she deserves with this new album and emerge from the ranks of the “underrated”.  She definitely has garnered my attention and will be in HEAVY rotation on my stereo right along with Beyoncé, Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle, Sevyn Streeter, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, and Elle Varner.  Thank you, Ledisi, for this masterpiece.

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