ElevationWe go through so many changes in this life. There are the good times, when we are in love with life and find fulfillment. During these times, great memories are created that will serve as lifelines in days to come. We go out and enjoy the world, take many pictures to commemorate our enjoyment, and make acquaintance with people who oftentimes become our Siamese twins. Life is grand, and you fall asleep each night with a sense of purpose and contentment.

However, the only thing constant in life is change, which means that unexpected events or circumstances threaten to create a new normal for us at some point in our life. Things happen – people leave, bad decisions are made – and so is the nature of being human. These circumstances may cause us to feel stupid, hopeless, and in some cases, we become severely depressed. We could have short stints of bad karma where our resiliency is stellar, and we are able to bounce out of the depressive funk with quickness. Staying mentally strong is the key to surviving difficult times. When we’ve been in a tough situation for too long and negativity begins to infiltrate our mind and spirit, we start to lose our mental strength and become vulnerable to diminished self-confidence. It is at this point where we could start allowing opinions of others to determine our value. This is a slippery road down to abysmal depression – a place of darkness where we can’t seem to find any sense of joy in the world anymore. If feels like everything was stolen from us – love, happiness, fulfillment. We start to feel like the whole world is against us and could lose our will to live. Those good memories we have stored within our minds are the only miniscule sources of peace we can scrounge up — and then we realize that remembering the good times won’t magically bring them back.

When dealing with the darkest moments of depression, you come to a ‘do or die’ moment. Either you will continue to wallow in self-pity and let despair eat you alive until you have alienated yourself from everyone you love, and allow the darkness to take you out. Or you can pull yourself out of the black hole and take action to regain your vitality.

Here are a few ways to take action to get your life back:

Find something that inspires you.

  • Start reading books that kindle your imagination or find self-help books that inspire you to do something creative/constructive. I recommend reading “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho. It will spark your imagination and inspire you at the same time.
  • Listening to inspirational music in the morning or throughout your day could start to retrain your mind to think positive thoughts. Tuning in to an inspirational radio station during your morning commute, or even creating a personalized playlist of songs that inspire you and listening to the music throughout the day or right before you fall asleep could fill your subconscious mind with healthy content to process and eventually manifest better situations in your life.

Start an exercise regime.

  • We often hear about the benefits of exercise for losing weight and fighting ailments such as diabetes and heart disease, but working out could assist in fighting depression as well. Exercise increases serotonin – a bodily chemical that is known to affect your mood. Studies have shown that aerobic exercises are good for boosting serotonin levels. Go for a brisk walk, a jog in the park, or even head to the gym and sweat it out on the stationary bike and you might start to feel better. However, you will need to be consistent and fight through the urge to sit and sulk on the couch in order to start making progress. Not only will you boost your serotonin levels, you could start to see some desirable physical results or make a great friend while you’re at it. Getting a physical exam at your doctor’s office would be advisable prior to starting your exercise routine. Your doctor might even give you a few tips on changing your diet or suggest some natural supplements to maximize your overall health.

Start a hobby.

  • Sign up for that cooking class you’ve always wanted to take. Pick up those art utensils and get back to creating masterpieces. Start writing your best-selling novel or start a blog. Tap into your inner creative mastermind and start doing something that brings you joy and takes your mind off your sorrows. You never know, you could end of being a source of inspiration for others. It’s possible that you may even open a door of opportunity for self-employment doing something you actually enjoy.

The most important thing we can do to get our life back is to change our negative thinking patters. Each of the aforementioned suggestions will hopefully nudge you forward on your journey of revival. Also, taking the time to listen to our inner voice can allow us to tap in to the divine wisdom we all inherently possess. This often requires moments of isolation and deep thought – meditation and prayer. Whether or not you believe in a higher power, being pensive and tuning in to your thoughts could reveal ideas that lead you to act on creative projects, or even a career change. We all possess everything we need to succeed, but life becomes hectic and we are too bogged down by society’s expectations to really tune in to our inner wisdom, or intuition. We must take time away from the world, even if just for a few minutes each day, to ponder our purpose for existence. When we know why we’re here – when we are truly awakened – we can move with intent and purpose to leave our mark in the world. And your contribution to humanity makes a difference, even in the grand scheme of things. When you live with intent, you take your life back – with force! By doing so, you most likely inspire others to do so, as well.

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