Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes

We’ve been celebrating Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas since their gold medal wins back in the 2016 Summer Olympics. Their successes gave hope and inspiration to young girls around the world, especially the little girls with an extra dose of melanin who watched as brown-skinned women who look like them conquered their goals. […]

Two Gospel Artists Whose Music Will Bless Your Life - Drama & Controversy

There are many, many gospel artists whose music soothes my soul on a daily basis – Kirk Franklin, Jekalyn Carr, Michelle Williams, Joshua’s Troop, Le’Andria Johnson, & Deitrick Haddon – just to name a few. However, a couple of artists have resonated with me on a deeper level lately. We go through phases in life […]

Michelle Williams: Resilient. Compassionate. Transparent. While a guest host on ‘The Talk’ last year, Michelle was very open about her battle with depression & brought the taboo topic to the forefront on national television: “So many people are walking around acting like they’ve got it all together and they’re suffering.” “I swear, it got so […]

In What Would You Do News: A man in Mangawhai, New Zealand woke up early one fine Friday morning and was minding his business until he saw an unknown person asleep on his couch. I mean, the first thought was probably to call the cops while running around the house in a panic looking for […]

We go through so many changes in this life. There are the good times, when we are in love with life and find fulfillment. During these times, great memories are created that will serve as lifelines in days to come. We go out and enjoy the world, take many pictures to commemorate our enjoyment, and […]