Two Gospel Artists Whose Music Will Bless Your Life.

Two Gospel Artists Whose Music Will Bless Your Life - Drama & Controversy

There are many, many gospel artists whose music soothes my soul on a daily basis – Kirk Franklin, Jekalyn Carr, Michelle Williams, Joshua’s Troop, Le’Andria Johnson, & Deitrick Haddon – just to name a few. However, a couple of artists have resonated with me on a deeper level lately. We go through phases in life during which we are drawn to different music and experiences, according to our mental & spiritual state. At this point in time, listening to Donald Lawrence speak positivity over my life and Marvin Sapp’s smooth vocals encouraging me to persevere & thrive is what my mind & spirit requires.

Donald Lawrence

Two Gospel Artists Whose Music Will Bless Your Life - Drama & Controversy
Donald Lawrence

When your life is REALLY in shambles, you might need to queue some Donald Lawrence to get things back in order (after calling on the good Lord of, course). His music is a ministry in itself – he speaks life back into the lifeless and provides double doses of hope to those suffering a hope deficiency by declaring the power of God and the nature of His promises to those who believe. Even if you’ve been a little down on faith, Donald will nurture your ‘mustard seed’ into full blown abundance.

The self-proclaimed “Song Psychotherapist” and provider of “Transformational Wisdom” got his start as musical director of a gospel group comprised of singers from three cities in North Carolina named the Tri-City Singers (the crew is reportedly back together & recording new music!). Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers went on to record some heavenly music that has, assuredly, changed a few lives – or a few minds, at least. The Stellar Award-winning crew gave us songs like Go Get Your Life Back, You Are An Heir, God’s Favor, Seasons, & Usher Me to draw inspiration and keep focused on the positive. Donald later went solo and blessed us with songs like The Gift, Spiritual, There Is A King in You to remind us of the power within us that was endowed by God to allow each of us to live our best life.

Donald Lawrence is one of my top go-to gospel artists when I need an immediate boost of positive energy. Blasting his music in the morning before starting the day actually improves my mood and helps me to be more impervious to negativity throughout the day – even on MONDAYS.

Marvin Sapp

Marvin Sapp - Drama & Controversy
Marvin Sapp

Some people are absolutely anointed musically with the ability to deliver a message that resonates at the deepest levels and Marvin Sapp definitely falls into that category. During the darkest of times, queueing a Marvin Sapp song will trigger a glimmer of faith and hope, allowing you to find the strength to keep moving forward. He has been through the darkest of times – losing his wife, mother of his three children. His strife, heartache, desolation, and later triumph, allow him to deliver music in a manner that is authentic and honest.

Marvin sang with Fred Hammond in the gospel group Commissioned prior to starting his solo career. His most popular song, Never Would Have Made It, from his second solo album is still an inspirational staple all these years later, as well as Perfect Peace. Some personal favorites of mine are My Testimony, and Live – speaking of perseverance over trials and tribulations through faith. You Are God Alone reminds us that no matter how big our problems seem or the severity of the negativity surrounding us, God is the ultimate source of our wisdom & power – His will for our lives is above all else & no natural entity has the ability to alter God’s favor.

Marvin is not afraid to broaden his musical horizons. He recorded a song with Xscape veteran and RHOA cast member, Kandi Burruss, named Stay Prayed Up – and it’s amazing, although it stirred up a bit of controversy due to Kandi’s “worldly ways” – *severe eyeroll*. Reaching a wider audience with a positive word should never be considered a terrible thing. I, personally, had the song on repeat for a week, at least.

I’m not a perfect Christian, at all. I listen to all types of music. I don’t go to church like I should. My level of patience leaves much to be desired. I’m just a human who believes in God, trying to find inspiration to make it through the perilous times on this journey called life. Donald Lawrence & Marvin Sapp are two musical earth angels who have blessed my life with an inspirational soundtrack to brighten even my darkest of days.


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