In What Would You Do News:

A man in Mangawhai, New Zealand woke up early one fine Friday morning and was minding his business until he saw an unknown person asleep on his couch. I mean, the first thought was probably to call the cops while running around the house in a panic looking for sharp objects. However, Gordon Pryor apparently had an angel on his shoulder the morning of December 29th because he just let the guy snooze peacefully & free of charge. I guess Mr. Pryor didn’t want to step into 2018 with all the extra drama.

Mr. Sleepyhead was an engineering student at the University of Canterbury that had gotten disoriented after attending a music festival the night before and most likely said, “Bump it, this will do”, right before passing out on Mr. Pryor’s couch. The student hitched a ride on the wrong shuttle bus & decided to foot it home afterwards, but I guess he wasn’t feeling up to voyage and decided the closest house would do. He insists it wasn’t the libations that got him hemmed up – he was mostly just straight out tired.

After the long nap, Mr. Pryor offered his uninvited guest some toast and coffee – but told dude that he would have to help himself. I mean, that free night on the couch AND room service would be just too much.

Mr. Pryor later went all “Dad” on his intruder to explain the possible repercussions of his actions but the two men still took a selfie together to commemorate their crazy run in.

I wonder how that would’ve gone over in the ‘hood.

 Via Yahoo!

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